How to set up Apple Pay - How does Apple Pay Work?

How to set up Apple Pay - How does Apple Pay Work?

For Apple devices, Apple Pay is a contactless payment method. It was created to get people away from carrying around actual wallets and toward a future where debit and credit cards are stored on an iPhone or Apple Watch, enabling cardless payments.

Everything you need to know about Apple Pay, including how it works, how to set it up, which banks accept it, and where you can use it, is included in this section.

How to set up Apple Pay

You must first add a card to your Apple Pay app in order to use Apple Pay. Tecno Phones Prices

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you with configuring Apple Pay:

Step 1: Launch the Apple Pay app.

Find the Apple Pay app on your iPhone by opening it.

You won't need to download the app since it will already be on your phone when you get it.

Step 2: Click the "+" button

The app will launch with a large + symbol that you may use to add cards.

Activate the + symbol.

Step 3: Choose a card type

You will be given the choice between "debit" and "credit."

Then click "Continue" after making the proper selection.

*** If you have loyalty cards for shops you frequent often, you may also add them to your Apple Pay app.

Use the camera on your phone to open the website in Safari and scan the barcode on the loyalty card to add it.

You may proceed to see your loyalty card after checking the box confirming that you accept the conditions.

You have the choice to "add" in the upper right corner.

Step 4: Provide payment information

You must then enter your credit card information.

You have two options for entering the data: manually or by taking a photo with your smartphone.

Credit card number, expiry date, security code, and cardholder's name are the details needed.

You won't be allowed to add the card if any of this information is false.

When shooting a photo, do your best to get a clean shot.

Verify the payment information once more before submitting it if you are manually inserting the information.

Step 5: Verify With Your Financial Institution

You may need to confirm with your financial institution that you want to add your card to your mobile wallet after adding it.

You must carry out the verification procedure if your bank or credit card provider requests it, for as by login into their app or supplying a PIN.

Your card is available for use after being validated.

Step 6: Add More Cards

It makes sense to put all of your extra cards in your wallet at once if you have any.

Eight cards may be stored in total.

Your principal payment method will be set to the first card you input.

By choosing a different card from the list of saved cards under the default card option in the app, you may change your default card.

Step 7: Place An Order

Visit a nearby Starbucks to test out your mobile wallet before you depend on it in an emergency.

Just in case you didn't set it up quite correctly the first time, bring cash or your actual card with you.

Step 8: Add to Apple Watch

Don't forget to add your card to the mobile wallet on your Apple Watch if you have one.

It won't instantly upload to your Apple Watch's mobile wallet.

How does Apple Pay Work

Apple Pay works anywhere that accepts contactless payments. At the checkout, if you see the contactless payments icon or the Apple Pay logo next to readers, they will take Apple Pay.

Worldwide, tens of thousands of shops and eateries support it. In the US, more than 75% of shops and eateries accept Apple Pay, whereas, in the UK, more than 85% do. 99 per cent of the restaurants and retailers in Australia accept it too.

Bloomingdales, Disney, Duane Reade, Macy's, McDonald's, Nike, Petco, Staples, Subway, Unleashed, Walgreens, Whole Foods, etc. are just a handful of the US businesses and eateries that accepts Apple Pay.

Below are ways to set it up on your various Apple devices: On an iPhone or iPad:

In order to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad, you must utilize the Apple Wallet app. Your debit and credit cards will then be stored in the Apple Wallet, from which you may get the information whenever you use Apple Pay to make purchases.

Open Wallet on your iPhone. Navigate to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay on your iPad. Click "Continue" after selecting Add Credit or Debit Card or the "+" in the upper right corner. You may take a picture of your credit, debit, or shop card using the camera on your smartphone. Then provide any extra information that is required.

Your details will be verified by your bank. If you need to give further verification, you may need to call your bank or get a text message with a special code that you must input. The method varies according to the bank.

Tap Next when your card has been validated, and you may then start using Apple Pay.

on Apple Watch

You must first open the Watch app on your iPhone in order to configure Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. Make sure the My Watch tab is selected (bottom left). Go to Wallet & Apple Pay > Tap Add Card by scrolling down.

Your bank will validate your details just as the iPhone does. You may have to provide further proof once again. Your Apple Watch will notify you when your card is ready for Apple Pay.

How To Pay With Apple Pay In Store

It's probably simpler than you anticipated to use Apple Pay to make a payment in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Launch the Apple Pay app.

To expedite the procedure, unlock your phone while you are standing in line and launch the app.

Your phone has to be powered on and have enough battery power.

Step 2: Confirm the Correct Card

Make sure the right card is chosen if your mobile wallet has numerous cards.

Simply choose the appropriate card from the dropdown menu to utilize a different card.

Step 3: Hold Phone Near Reader

When you're ready, place your phone near the credit card reader to make sure the two devices link and that you get a message letting you know your payment was successful.

If you're using the drive-thru, you may need to hand the cashier your phone or ask them to move the credit card reader closer to you.

For precisely this reason, the credit card machines extend beyond the window, so the cashiers are already used to the procedure.

Concluding: is Apple Pay safe?

Yes. Your most recent purchases are saved in the Wallet app, but Apple claims it doesn't retain transaction details or credit card data on its servers.

By generating a number or token in lieu of your card data, Apple Pay, which includes a tokenized backend architecture, secures card payments. For each of your cards, it precisely generates a Device Account Number.

Apple claims that the Device Account Number is issued, encrypted, and securely kept in the Secure Element, a special chip found in the iPhone and Apple Watch, and that the token is provided to the retailer or merchant when a payment is started. As a result, your card information is never directly accessible by the shop or merchant.

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